The Carl H. Pforzheimer Library. English Literature 1475 - 1700

New Castel: Oak Knoll Press, 1997.
Reprint, with additional material, of the 1940 edition. Three volumes.
Quarto, burgundy cloth lettered in gilt. Fine.

Carl H. Pforzheimer (1896 -1957) was an investment banker and philanthropist as well as a book collector. He inherited the taste for books from his father, as did his brother Walter, who was the first curator of the collection "Historical Intelligence Collection" at the CIA. Walter also collected privately and like Carl, donated his collections to institutions. Carl's passion for English literature motivated him to collect manuscripts, first editions, journals, letters and memorabilia.

The Carl H. Pforzheimer Library contains about 1,500 titles by English writers between 1475 and 1700, including authors, playwrights, poets, essayists, and also some translations. All the major authors, including of course, Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, Marlow and Bacon are represented in the collection in either first editions or very special editions. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order, and contain information about the author and the background of the title and why it is significant, as well as its provenance, and many more details of interest. The collection itself is now at the University of Texas at Austin. One part of the original collection, however, the Percy Bysshe Shelley collection was given to the New York Public Library since Pforzheimer felt it would be accessible to a broader audience there.

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