Broadside lyrics to fourteen popular songs of the nineteenth century

San Francisco: n.p., c. 1875.
12 x 4 inches to 6-1/2 x 3 inches, black print on white, cream and yellow paper. A few slightly browned, a few slightly chipped at margin edges, overall fine.

"A fad in American life produced a shower of song sheets, slip ballads and poetical broadsides. Although such sheets had been printed by enterprising publishers for centuries, it was not until about 1850 that it became big small-business. Then, to meet a growing popular demand sheets, which had once been printed by the score, appeared by the thousands. They were run off in large editions, sold wholesale to dealers and sold retail by hawkers and in stationery shops and book stores. The peak of their popularity was reached during the Civil War the issues and events of which offered fertile seeds for the flowering of poetry, verse and doggerel. Gradually after the war, the rage for song sheets seemed to have died down, although they did appear in plainer and cheaper forms for years thereater." - Edwin Wolf 2nd, American Sheets, Slip Ballads and Poetical Broadcasts 1850-1870.

The broadsides contain the lyrics of 14 songs, 11 published and sold by Bell and Company of 639 Kearny Street, San Francisco, the others by T. C. Boyd of 304 Montgomery Street, Bruce's Print of 537 Sacramento Street and San Francisco News Company of 912 Kearney Street.

The songs are:
Tommy Make Room for your Uncle, Milburn's Motto! or While I Live I 'll Crow;
Since Mary Ann Learned to Dance the Tra-la-la-loo;
First She Would and Then She Wouldn't, or, O You Naughty Naughty Man!;
Behind the Scenes; Pull Down the Blind; The Yaller Gal that Winked at Me!;
Eilleen Allanna; The Day When You'll Forget Me; Cumberland's Crew;
You and I; All Among the Roses, or, Sweet Camilla May; Come Back to Erin;
Lotta Lee; Dolly Varden.

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