Journal of an Expedition to the Grand Prairies of the Missouri 1840

FAIRHOLME, William. Edited by Jack B. Tykal.
Spokane: Arthur H. Clark, 1996. Illustrated with drawings.
First edition.
Quarto, orange cloth with black lettering. Fine.

Here is a journal of a young British army officer, Lieutenant William Fairholme, stationed in Lower Canada, who was offered the opportunity to go on a grand adventure: a buffalo hunt to the "Grand Prairies of the Missouri." Gifted to Caroline Fairholme in 1843, it is not his field diary, but does contain sketches, fourteen of which are included in this book. This journal is important because this British expedition was one of only a handful of parties traveling the Santa Fe Trail in 1840, and one with no difficult encounters with the Indians of the plains. -from the Preface .

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