Systema Solare et Planetarium

DOPPELMAYR, J. G. and HOMANN, Iohanne Bapt.
Nuremberg: Iohann Bapt. Homann and Johann Gabriel Dopplemayr, [1707].
This copy of the map predates the 1742 and later editions; it could be as early as 1707 but possibly also 1720.
495 x 574 mm (19-3/8 x 22-3/4 x 24-1/8 inches) plate size plus margins, copper etching, one sheet printed in black, coloured by hand. Some rubbing and browning of margins, a few old stab holes, with a few small repairs to tears from the back, overall a very attractive copy.

The map illustrates the solar system by Copernicus with the orbits of the planets and the twelve constellations of the zodiac. The map shows the extent of the knowledge of the solar system and astronomy at the time. The center of the map shows a wonderful representation of the solar system with the sun in the center, the concept which Copernicus had introduced. The lower left corner vignette depicts the eclipse of the sun on May 12, 1706, the others the various theories on the orbits of the planets. Interestingly, this vignette shows California as an island.

The upper left vignette shows the then known planets and the Sun; the planets are represented with their diameters to some scale to each other. The upper right corner shows heavenly clouds and solar systems thought to exist elsewhere in the stars. The lower right vignette shows the Goddess of Astronomy, Urania, and below her are three cosmological systems, the Greek, Claudius Ptolemy's, which is somewhat hidden by modern astronomical instruments implying that current astronomers disregard his view. The next one was developed by the Dane ,Tycho Brahe ,where the Earth is in the center orbited by the Sun and the Moon with the other planets orbiting the sun. The last one is labeled "sic ratione" [according to reason] and is the Copernican system again.

The ""Atlas Novus Coelestis in quo Mundus Spectabilis "" was published by Homann's heirs in 1742 and some of the plates were prepared by J. Doppelmayr already in the early 1700s. This plate is one those prepared very early and would have been published prior to the 1742 issuance of the ""Atlas Novus.""

Johann Baptist Homann (1662-1724) was an engraver, cartographer and geographer to the Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire (1715) and was also a member of the Prussian Royal Academy of Science. He founded a cartographic publishing firm which continued in business until 1848. e became a celebrated cartographer already in his lifetime producing maps, charts, terrestrial globes of high quality both in their geographic accuracy and aesthetic appeal.

Johann Doppelmayr (1677-1750) was professor of Mathematics in Nuremberg and wrote on astronomy, geography, cartography, spherical trigonometry as well as constructing terrestrial and celestial globes. He was also a member of the Royal Society [London], and both the Berlin and St. Petersburg Academies of Sciences.

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