Holograph Notes for a Sermon

BEECHER, Henry Ward.
N.p: , n.d.
12 pp.
Octavo (21.6 x 13.8 cms), written in brown ink on off white note paper. Fine.

These are 12 pages of original holograph notes for a sermon. Beecher discusses the relationship between science and religion on evolution and race. "In regard to man there is not, & has never been, any attempt to gain scientific symmetry in development .. The principle of Heredity was recognized as early as Moses ..neither in the schools of religion, nor in the states, nor in the schools of science, has any available effort been made to improve the race stock ab initio .. take men as they come into the world in endless variation .. strive to educate them to virtue & religion .. education has been personal, and not generic .. Reason why - .. That conditions of society keep masses in bestial services .. "

The notes came originally from the estate of James B. Pond, Henry Ward Beecher's lecture agent. James Pond pioneered the concept of a literary agency specializing in lecture tours for famous theologians, authors and celebrities of the period. Mark Twain was another notable client of Pond's. He travelled with Beecher more than 300,000 miles and published an account of this in A Summer in England with Henry Ward Beecher (1887).

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