The American Atlas: or, A Geographical Description of the Whole Continent of America. Wherein Are Delineated at Large, Its Several Regions, Countries, States, and Islands

London: Printed and Sold by R. Sayer and J. Bennett, Map and Print Sellers, 1775. Illustrated with 22 maps, most large fold out with coloured outlines.
First edition.
Folio (approx. 21-7/8 x 15-3/4 inches), rebound to period with three quarter brown calf over marbled boards. Maps in fine condition, clean, crisp and clear with no foxing or browning.

To say that The American Atlas is the most important collection of maps from the 18th century is no exaggeration. It is the most comprehensive, accurate and detailed collection of maps and surveys of the American continent and of the American colonies just prior to the beginning of the Revolutionary War. It has been described thus "geographical description of the whole continent of America [both North and South America], as portrayed in the best available maps in the latter half of the 18th century .." -Ristow.

1. ( #1, 2, 3) - MEADE, Braddock (aka John Green). ""A Chart of North and South America, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with the Nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia."" Braddock Mead (alias John Green). Published 10 June 1775. 3 maps = six sheets joined into three; 55 x 119 cms; 55.5 x 116.7 cms; 55.5 x 121.2 cms. All sheets with coloured outlines.

2. (#4) - Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg: ""The Russian Discoveries from the Map Published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg."" Published 2 March 1775. One sheet. 55.5 x 73.5 cms. Coloured outlines.

3. (#5, 6) - BOWEN, Emanuel and GIBSON, Joh. ""An Accurate Map of North America Describing and Distinguishing the British and Spanish Dominions on This Great Continent: According to the Definitive Treaty Conducted at Paris 10th February 1763. Also All the West India Islands …."" Published 2 July 1775. Four sheets joined into two. 55.5 x 119.6 cms; 55.5 x 119.7 cms. All outlines coloured.

4. (#7) - JEFFERYS, Thomas. ""North America from the French of Mr. D'Anville."" Thomas Jefferys. Published 10 June 1775. One sheet. 55.7 x 73 cms. Coloured outlines.

5. (#8) - DUNN, Samuel. ""A Map of the British Empire in North America."" Published 10 January 1774. One sheet. 55.7 x 37.5 cms. Outlines coloured.

6. (#9) - JEFFERYS, Thomas. ""An Exact Chart of the River St. Laurence from Fort Frontenac to the Island of Anticosti."" Published 25 May 1775. Two sheets joined into one. 63.6 x 106 cms. Outlines coloured.

7. (#10) - SAYER & BENNETT. ""A Chart of the Gulf of St. Laurence Composed from a Great Number of Charts and Other Materials Regulated and Connected by Astronomical Observations."" Published 25 March 1775. One sheet. 55.8 x 72.5 cms. Outlines coloured.

8. (#11) - HOLLAND, Capt. [Samuel]. ""A Map of the Island of St. John in the Gulf of St. Laurence."" Published 6 April 1775. One sheet. 55.6 x 73.8 cms. Outlines coloured.

9. (#12) - COOK, James and LANE, Michael. ""A General Chart of the Island of Newfoundland."" Published 10 May 1775. One sheet. 55.5 x 73.8 cms. Not coloured. James Cook rose in the Naval ranks and became Captain Cook; he made history with his three voyages exploring the Pacific Ocean.

10. (#13) - COOK, James and others. ""A Chart of the Banks of Newfoundland."" Published 25 March 1775. One sheet. 55.5 x 73.8 cms. Not coloured.

11. (#14) - JEFFERYS, Thomas. ""A New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island with the adjacent parts of New England and Canada."" Published 15 June 1775. One sheet. 55.7 x 73.8 cms. Outlines coloured.

12. (#15, 16) -MEADE, Braddock (aka John Green) ""A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England Containing the Provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the Colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island Divided into Counties and Townships … ."" Published 29 November 1774. Four sheets joined into two. 55.5 x 107.8 cms; 55.5 x 108 cms. All outlines coloured. This was the first most detailed and a large scale map of New England.

13. (#17) - HOLLAND, Capt. [Samuel]. ""The Provinces of New York and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania and the Governments of Trois Rivieres and Montreal Drawn by .."" Samuel Holland. Published 16 June 1775. Two sheets joined into one. 55.6 x 140 cms. Outlines coloured.

14. (#18) - JEFFERYS, Thomas and EVANS, Lewis. ""A General Map of the Middle British Colonies in Americ viz. Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Pensilvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Rhose Island. Of Aquanishuonigy the Country of the Confederate Indians Comomprehending Aquanishuonigy Proper, Their Places of Residence, Ohio, Thuchsochruntie Their Deer Hunting Coutnries, Couchsachrage and Skaniadarade Their Beaver Hunting Countries Of the Lakes Erie, Ontario and Champlain .."" Published 15 June 1775. One sheet. 55.6 x 73.8 cms. Outlines coloured.

15. (#19, 20) - SCULL, W[illiam]. ""A Map of Pennsylvania Exhibiting not only the Improved Parts of the Province but also its Extensive Frontiers."" Published 10 June 1775. Five sheets joined into two. 72.8 x 137.7 cms; 55.7 x 130.3 cms. Outlines coloured. This map was the first map to show the western frontier of Pennsylvania, earlier maps had considered the eastern part where people were living only.

16. (#21) - FRY, Joshua and JEFFERSON, Peter. ""A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of Virginia containing the whole Province of Maryland with Part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina."" N.d. Three sheets joined into one. 55.7 x 130.3 cms. Outlines coloured. Peter Jefferson was Thomas Jefferson's father, a successful planter and surveyor. This map was the first one to show the interior of Virginia and to show it accurately.

17. (#22, 23) - MOUZON, Henry. ""An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina with their Indian Frontiers. Shewing in a Distinct Manner All the Mountains, Rivers, Swamps, Masrhses, Bays, Creeks, Harbours, Sandbanks, and Soundings on the Coast. With the Roads and Indian Paths as well as the Boundary or Provincial Lines, the Several Townships and Other Divisions of the Land in Both the Provinces …"" Published 30 May 1775. Four sheets joined into two. 55.8 x 144.6 cms; 55.8 x 146.2 cms. All outlines coloured. This map was consulted by both the American and the British forces during the revolutionary war.

18. (#24) - JEFFERYS, Thomas. ""The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana. The Peninsula and Gulf of Florida of Channel of Bahama with the Bahama Islands."" Published 20 February 1775. Two sheets joined into one. 55.7 x 134.4 cms. Outlines coloured. The map was based on the English surveys done while while an English possession.

19. (#25) - ROSS, Lieut. ""Course of the River Mississipi from the Balise to Fort Chartres; Taken from the Expedition to Illinois in the latter end of the year 1765."" Published 1 June 1775. Two sheets joined into one. 55.6 x 118.8 cms. Outlines coloured. A very large detailed map, in a large scale, of the Mississippi.

20. (#26) - JEFFERYS, Thomas. ""The Bay of Honduras."" Published 20 February 1775. One sheet. 55.5 x 73.5 cms. Outlines coloured.

21. (#27, 28) - D'ANVILLE, J. B. B. ""A Map of South America Containing Tierra-Firma, Guyana, New Granada, Amazonia, Brasil, Peru, Paraguay, Chaco, Tucuman, Chili and Patagonia …"" Published 20 September 1775. Four sheets joined into two. 55.5 x 123.5 cms; 55.7 x 124.4 cms. All outlines coloured.

22. (#29) - CANO y OLMEDILLA, Don Cruz de et al. ""A Chart of the Straits of Magellan Inlarged from the Chart Published at Madrid in 1769."" Published 1 July 1775. One sheet. 55.7 x 73.5 cms. Outlines coloured
. [Streeter I: 72; Howes J81.

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