Steel & Roses. American Prints in the Hersh Coehen Collection & Botanical Books in the Fern Cohen Collection

[COHEN, Hersh and Fern].
New York: The Grolier Club, 2011. Profusely illustrated.
Two parts in one volume.
Quarto, original pictorial, printed selfwrappers. As new.

"The print collection spans the period between the early twentieth century and World War II. Those years were filled with important changes in the United States, including the rise of the city, two world wars, and the Great Depression, and saw major changes in the content of prints in this country.
Urban landscapes was one of the first subjects that captured my imagination. .. daily life, labor and industry, social realism, and satire. ..
After 9/11, the annual Winter Antiques Show could not take place in the Armory but was instead held at a hotel, a much less intimidating space. .. that I saw a book about greenhouse flowers opened to a hand-colored engraving. Suddenly, I wanted to own that book! .. That first purchase led to my pursuit of color-plate botanical books, and I quickly went through all the phases of collecting that my husband had before me. He taught me to avoid his early shortcoming in collecting - not being willing to stretch for the best- so the collection includes some of the most beautiful and significant of botanical books. Since his collections are all American, and since American botanicals have a shorter history and fewer collectors specialize in them, he has encouraged me to have a subspecialty in American botanicals." - from the forewords.

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