The Subarctic Fur Trade: Native Social and Economic Adaptations

KRECH III, Shepard, Editor.
Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia ress, 1983.
First edition.
Octavo, glazed soft wrappers, lettered in white on blue background. Fine.

Originally presented at the American Society for Ethnohistory conference in 1981, the papers in this book focus on themes which have been near the centre of fur trade scholarship: the identification of Indian motivations; the degree to which Indians were discriminating consumers and creative participatns; and the extent of native dependency on the trade. It spans the period from the seventeenth century up to and including the twentieth century.
In one of the key essays, Arthur J. Ray questions the theory that modern native welfare societies are of recent origin and traces their roots to the early fur trade. In developing his thesis, his concerns about resource depletions and other ecological changes, the advent of new mercantilistic impulses, and the development of dependence also emerge as sources of inquiry by other authors.

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