Ian Fleming and the Book Collector (or) The Book Collector Dictated by John Hayward for Leonard Russell

N.p. [London]: undated, [1964].
Unpublished original typescript, with extensive holograph additions in the hand of John Hayward. 4 pp.
Quarto, off white typing paper. Fine.

A highly interesting account of the genesis of The Book Collector by one of its principals and the person chiefly responsible for the success of the literary periodical.
"THE BOOK COLLECTOR" came into existence as a result of Lord Kemsley's decision to give up the Dropmore Press. It came into Fleming's hands in two stages .. The ensuing details are fascinating, although they do n ot present the famous author in a favorable light.

Together with a TLs from Hayward on his Cheyne Walk letterhead to Leonard Russell, dated 25 November, 1964.

"..I must say that Ian, when dissected, turned out to be quite a problem child .. (Fleming had died that August at 56). Did he ever look at a picture, listen to music, watch the ballet & c?" Hayward himself would pass away less than a year after this letter.

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