Chorale Psalterum juxtu Ritum S. Romane Ecclesiae ad Usum Fratrum Minorum S. Francisco Capuccinorum

Romae (Rome): Cajetani A. Bertinelli, 1852.
Two volumes.
Folio (23 x 18 x 4 inches each volume), full leather with iron clad edges, spines with four metal clad leather straps, two leather straps with metal clasps to keep each volume closed, five iron and brass bosses on each cover, I and II in iron on each volume, gilt lettered spines, marbled endpapers. Some leaves a little smudgy at bottom edge (perhaps from being turned?), small library stamp from Quincy, Illinois on title page, inside cover of volumeI show rivets used in old repair.

Volume I states "Pars prima / contines / Matutinum, Laudes/ et Horas" and volume II "Pars Secunda / contines/ Vesperas, Communia Sanctorum/ Laudes et Hymn". This is a hymn and chant book for the use of the Capucin order of monks.

The psalms are printed on very thick paper and give the impression of vellum. The first letter of each verse and some following are printed in red ink, and the others in a soft black ink. Most hymns have an initial (capital letter embellished with designs) which are quite beautiful. The covers have had some refurbishing and the volumes look magnificent. They are heavy tomes weighing in at 45 lbs each.

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