Review of "Reflex" by Dick Francis, signed by Julian Symonds

[FRANCIS, Dick]. . SYMONS, Julian.
Four sheets, quarto size, hand written on white paper, stapled. Fine.

Julian Symons (1912– ) British poet, biographer, critic. "The candid camera shots have been so ingeniously concealed by the blackmailer that each of them needs a different technique of development to show any results at all. There is a great deal about the ways in which Philip (as a skilled amateur photographer) does this. I don't doubt that the procedures are all authentic, but if like the reviewer the reader has an acute lack of interest in such detection through photography he is likely to do some skipping .. The best things in the book, unless you enjoy the photographic puzzles, are the scenes of racing life, which are as good as anything Dick Francis has done."

The four sheets written by hand have plenty of alterations, additions, cross outs, and notations. One might assume from the above that Symonds was not impressed, however, he has plenty of praise like """"Reflex"" contains more interesting characterisation than most Francis works .."".

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