Pigeons at Carmel Mission

Signed lower right.
Pen and ink drawing.
10-1/2 x 14-1/4 inches, silk matted, glazed and in ornamental gilt frame, overall size18 x 22 inches.

Joe De Yong (1894-1975) was a traditional western painter and sculptor. Born in Missouri. he learned roping as a boy from Will Rogers. At 17 he was in charge of cattle for Tom Mix during the making of a movie, and continued on as a cowboy bit player. After becoming deaf due to spinal meningitis he studied painting with Charles Russell, learned Indian sign language and became a technical adviser for Indians for the movie industry. This pen and ink drawing of a pidgin flock inhabiting the archways of an adobe is probably one of the Carmel missions. Image is illustrated and can be viewed at:

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