Nautical Fiction

Ross, Mrs. [Ellen].
Montreal: Printed by John Lovell, 1870.
[Book #31743]
Price: $90.00
Pertwee, Roland.
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1929.
[Book #25330]
Price: $80.00
CONNOLLY, James B[rendan].
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1920. Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth.
[Book #26625]
Price: $75.00
Bullen, Frank T.
London: Smith, Elder & Co, 1899. Illustrated.
[Book #28601]
Price: $75.00
Marriott, Crittenden.
Philadelphia: J. P. Lippincott Company, 1913. Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth.
[Book #31876]
Price: $75.00
Chesterton, Rupert.
London: C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd, (1921). Illustrated.
[Book #33105]
Price: $75.00
Ballantyne, R M.
London: T. Nelson and Sons, 1868. Illustrated with seven coloured plates (frontispiece in facsimile).
[Book #34115]
Price: $75.00
Knight , Frank.
London: Macmillan and Company Ltd, 1964. Illustrated by Patrick Jobson.
[Book #35004]
Price: $70.00
"Bartimeus", [Lewis Anselm DaCosta Ricci] et al. Foreword by Sir Winston Churchill.
London: Cassell and Company, (1936). Illustrated by Charles Grave.
[Book #23782]
Price: $65.00
Bullen, Frank T.
London: Smith, Elder & Co, 1905. Illustrated in colour by A. S. Forrest.
[Book #28636]
Price: $65.00
Lesterman, John.
New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, (1921). Illustrated by Rowland Hilder.
[Book #34958]
Price: $65.00
Holmes, Robert.
Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1917.
[Book #25863]
Price: $60.00
Davis, A. Kennard.
London: Jonathan Cape, (1954). Illustrated by David Cobb.
[Book #28688]
Price: $60.00
[Quiller-Couch, A. T. ).
London: Smith, Elder & Co, 1907.
[Book #30520]
Price: $60.00
Ballantyne, R[obert] M[ichael].
London: James Nisbet, n.d. [c.1897]. Illustrated by the author.
[Book #33916]
Price: $60.00


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