English Literature

SYMONDS, John Addington.
Oxford: T. and G. Shrimpton, 1860.
[Book #14665]
Price: $200.00
Huxley, Aldous.
London: Chatto & Windus, 1939.
[Book #31156]
Price: $200.00
Dobson, Austin. Thomson, Hugh.
London: Kegan Paul, French, Trübner & Co, 1892. Illustrated by Hugh Thompson. Plate ffacing p. 18 suppressed in later editions.
[Book #33715]
Price: $200.00
[Book #40802]
Price: $175.00
Teerink, H., revised by.
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, (1963). Illustrated.
[Book #45588]
Price: $175.00
D'Israeli, I.
London: Edward Moxon, 1834. Frontispiece portrait in volume I.
[Book #33842]
Price: $175.00
STEVENSON, Robert Louis. Introduction and Notes by Geroge S. Hellman.
Boston: The Bibliophile Society, 1916. Illustrated.
[Book #1457]
Price: $165.00
HARDY, Thomas.
Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1935.
[Book #835]
Price: $150.00
STEVENSON, Robert Louis. Introduction by Vincent Starrett.
Chicago: Frank M. Morris, 1921.
[Book #17145]
Price: $150.00
[stevenson, Robert Louis]. trent, William P., Editor.
Boston: The Bibliophile Society, 1921. Illustrated.
[Book #31356]
Price: $150.00
Young, Edward.
[London]: T. Heptinstall, 1798. Illustrated with full page plates, some by Stothard.
[Book #33650]
Price: $150.00
Thomson, James. Murdoch, P. To which is prefixed ""The Life of the Author"" and ""An Essay onthe Plan and Character of the Poem"" by J. Aikin.
London: Printed for Wilkie and Robinson; et al, 1811. Illustrated.
[Book #33723]
Price: $150.00
Conrad, Joseph.
New York: Limited Editions Club, 1985. Illustrated by Bruce Chandler.
[Book #34013]
Price: $150.00
Tomlinson, H. M.
London: Andrew Melrose Ltd, 1918.
[Book #34172]
Price: $150.00
STEVENSON, Robert Louis.
London: C. Kegan Paul, 1881.
[Book #17013]
Price: $135.00


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