California and related material

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[Book #7952]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #8154]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #8185]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #8381]
Price: $30.00
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Oakland: Biobooks, 1950. With map of San Luis Obispo Judicial district.
[Book #8460]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #8758]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #12180]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #40689]
Price: $30.00
Introduction by Gary E. Strong and Gary F. Kurutz.
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[Book #45344]
Price: $30.00
Geraci, Victor W.
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[Book #33204]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #33457]
Price: $30.00
[Native Sons of the Golden West]Lemon, J. W.
San Francisco: 24 October, 1862.
[Book #34532]
Price: $30.00
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[Book #8029]
Price: $27.50
New York: Straight Enterprises, January 1954. Profusely illustrated.
[Book #5576]
Price: $26.00
[Book #5600]
Price: $25.00


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