California and related material

Key, Jr., V. O. Crouch, Winston W.
Berkeley: University of California Press, (1939). Illustrated with tables.
[Book #56640]
Price: $50.00
Johnson, Stephen, Photographer. Dawson, Robert, Photographer. Text by Gerald Haslam; Edited and Designed by Stephen Johnson.
Berkeley: University of California Press, (1993). Profusely illustrated with frontispiece, photographs, color photographs, drawings, color diagrams, color graphs, facsimiles, and color maps.
[Book #56784]
Price: $50.00
[Book #35007]
Price: $50.00
SCHERER, James A. B.
Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, (1989). Illustrated.
[Book #1917]
Price: $45.00
[Book #2122]
Price: $45.00
RICH, Virtulon.
Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1965. With frontispiece portrait of the author and a map.
[Book #7980]
Price: $45.00
San Francisco: Wobbers, ca. 1938). Illustrated profusely with photographs.
[Book #8091]
Price: $45.00
[Book #9502]
Price: $45.00
LAMPSON, Robin, Editor.
San Francisco: George Fields, 1936. Illustrated by "hans".
[Book #9575]
Price: $45.00
HARTE, Bret. Assembled and edited by Geoffrey Bret Harte.
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1926. Illustrated.
[Book #9670]
Price: $45.00
[MONTEZ, Lola]. d'Auvergne, Edmund B.
New York: Brentano, n.d. [c. 1890]. Frontispiece portrait and six other inserted plates.
[Book #10038]
Price: $45.00
LICK, Rosemary. Foreword by Richard H. Dillon, Introduction by C.D. Shane.
Ward Richie Press1967. Illustrated.
[Book #14252]
Price: $45.00
DOWNEY, Joseph T. Edited by Fred Blackburn Rogers.
San Francisco: John Howell, 1956. frontispiece portrait.
[Book #14395]
Price: $45.00
[CLARK, William S.]. Compiled, edited and annotated by Ann Clark Hart.
San Francisco: Pioneer Press, 1937. Illustrated.
[Book #14460]
Price: $45.00
[Book #13542]
Price: $45.00


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