California and related material

BOOSEY, W. Collinson, R.E.
London: Ackermann & Co, 1851. Black and white print.
[Book #8569]
Price: $100.00
HARTE, Francis Bret.
Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co., 1870.
[Book #9654]
Price: $100.00
[Book #10926]
Price: $100.00
WAGNER, Henry R.
San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1941. Illustrated with frontispiece.
[Book #13972]
Price: $100.00
COIT, Daniel Wadsworth. coulter, Edith M.
N.p: Book Club of California, 1937. Eight full page drawings by Coit.
[Book #15154]
Price: $100.00
San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1937. Illustrated with photographic reproductions and a folding map.
[Book #16573]
Price: $100.00
Macarthur, Mildred Yorka.
(San Francisco): Colt Press, 1944.
[Book #13900]
Price: $100.00
Marin County: , 1878. Decorative border in gilt.
[Book #12305]
Price: $100.00
Tompkins, Walker A.
Santa Barbara: Board of Realtors, 1977 - 1980. Profusely illustrated.
[Book #29966]
Price: $100.00
[San Francisco]
Sausalito, California: Windgate Press, (1993). Illustrated with 25 full page plates; plate 23 is a four part panorama looking west on Market Street demonstrating the reconstruction after the fire; approximately 12.5 x 15.5 inches.
[Book #30621]
Price: $100.00
dakin, Susanna Bryant.
Berkeley: University of California Press, 1939. Illustrated.
[Book #30682]
Price: $100.00
Bullis, Mabel Dodge.
Bolinas, California: Privately Printed, (1974). Illustrated.
[Book #31375]
Price: $100.00
[Los Angeles]
Los Angeles: Department of Public Service, 1916. Illustrated with maps (many large foldout), drawings and photographs. Lacks #5 map and #12 a plan.
[Book #33446]
Price: $100.00
[HEARST, Phoebe]. BONFILS, Winifred Sweet Black.
San Francisco: William Randolph Hearst, 1928. Illustrated frontispiece and headbands by William Wilke.
[Book #21840]
Price: $95.00
Edited by Charles F. Lummis.
Los Angeles: Out West. April and September, 1907. Profusely illustrated.
[Book #30405]
Price: $95.00


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