California and related material

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[Book #29490]
Price: $65.00
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[Book #8479]
Price: $60.00
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[Book #9541]
Price: $60.00
[DOUGAL, William H.]. Edited by Frank M. Stanger, Foreword by Joseph A. Sullivan.
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[Book #13031]
Price: $60.00
DAY, A. Grove.
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[Book #14366]
Price: $60.00
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[Book #289]
Price: $50.00
MEIGHAN, Clement W. Riddell, Francis A.
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[Book #2059]
Price: $50.00
Nashville, Tennessee: Southern Methodist Publising House, 1882. Illustrated with head pieces.
[Book #8171]
Price: $50.00
[Book #8390]
Price: $50.00
Oakland: DeWitt & Snelling, 1913. Illustrated with frontispiece portrait of the author.
[Book #8431]
Price: $50.00
Paris: Journal Universel, 1871. One page with two hand coloured engravings.
[Book #8709]
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[Book #9666]
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[Book #9667]
Price: $50.00
HARTE, Bret.
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1888.
[Book #9668]
Price: $50.00


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