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Recent Catalogues

Randall House issues printed catalogues from time to time. They represent various areas of collecting such as: Western Americana, 19th Century American and English Literature, single authors, etc. 

We also issue "Short Title Lists" which are a smaller selection of specific items and not always accompanied by illustrations. Please do ask us to provide one for you in your particular area of collecting.

Here are some recent catalogues available in pdf format.

Spalding Collection of Western Americana

The Caroline Spalding Collection of Western Americana

Caroline Spalding was one of seven children of Charles A. Canfield, pioneer oil man of the West and his wife, Chloe Westcott Canfield. Caroline often traveled throughout the State with her sibling and attained a love of California history. She married Silsby Morse Spalding and settled in one of the original houses built in Beverly Hills. When her husband became the city's first mayor, she began collecting her library of Californiana. Her interest continued until her death in 1970, and she always said with pride that she not only collected, but read the treasures that she had for the most part personally found. 

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Tales of the Sea

Stories of the Sea

A collection of books and stories relating to the sea, both factual and fictional. Amongst others a wonderful copy of Slocum's book, some great Patrick O'Brian titles, as well as a copy of  af Chapman's "Naval Architecture" from 1781.

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What Katy Did

What Katy Did, American Women through HistoryThis catalogue took 10 years plus to compile and is a wonderful collection of books by and about American women and their achievements, from pioneer times to the present women astronauts.

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Revolutionary War catalogue

Revolutionsty War CatalogueThe Revolutionary War catalogue contains 88 items relating to the American Revolution and the war, the causes, the people, the battles and the papers. The items are all illustrated and we would be pleased to provide more images should you so desire. 


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