Women, Feminism

Edited and with Introductions by Elizabeth Jameson and Susan Armitage.
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, (1997). Illustrated with photographs, drawings, tables, and maps.
[Book #56452]
Price: $17.50
Edited by Paul L. Jamison, Stephen L. Zegura, Frederick A. Milan.
Stroudsburg: Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross, (1978). Illustrated with tables, charts, graphs, drawings, and maps.
[Book #56598]
Price: $10.00
Editors: Devin Starr and Richard J. Orsi; Illustrations Editor: Anthony Kirk; Associate Editor: Marlene Smith-Baranzini.
Berkeley: University of California Press, (2000). Illustrated with photographs, color photographs, tables, drawings, and facsimiles.
[Book #56777]
Price: $10.00
Edited and with Introductions by Susan Armitage and Elizabeth Jameson.
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, (1988). Illustrated with photographs.
[Book #32627]
Price: $10.00
Akerman, John Yonge.
London: John Russell Smith, 1846. Illustrated.
[Book #28715]
Price: $100.00
ALCOTT, Louisa May.
Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1886. Frontispiece portrait of Alcott.
[Book #2211]
Price: $300.00
ALLEN, Elizabeth.
Lowell: Nathaniel L. Dayton, 1846.
[Book #2259]
Price: $85.00
New York: Random House, (1993).
[Book #2280]
Price: $20.00
Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, (1994).
[Book #5877]
Price: $20.00
Arnstein, Flora J.
San Francisco: Privately printed, 1927.
[Book #23815]
Price: $75.00
New York: Harper & Brothers, (1925).
[Book #267]
Price: $35.00
Los Angeles: October, 1903. Illustrated.
[Book #275]
Price: $35.00
Austin, Mary. Graulich, Melody, Editor.
Reno, Las Vegas: University of Nevada Press, (1987). Frontispiece portrait.
[Book #29411]
Price: $10.00
AYER, Margaret Hubbard. Taves, Isabella.
Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, (1957).
[Book #7416]
Price: $20.00


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