Western Americana

Fairfield: Ye Galleon Press, 1969. Illustrated.
[Book #13156]
Price: $40.00
POST, Louis F.
New York: , (1930). Frontispiece portrait.
[Book #13250]
Price: $40.00
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[Book #13348]
Price: $40.00
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[Book #13386]
Price: $40.00
ROLLE, Andrew F.
(Los Angeles: Occidental College, 1962).
[Book #13394]
Price: $40.00
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Los Angeles: N.p, 1937. Illustrated with photographs.
[Book #13395]
Price: $40.00
Cosulich, Bernice.
Tucson, Arizona: Arizona Silhouettes, (1953). Illustrations by Bruce Marshall.
[Book #55468]
Price: $40.00
JONES, Idwal.
New York: Prentice-Hall Inc, 1945.
[Book #25894]
Price: $37.50
VIOLA, Heman J. Margolis, Caolyn, Editors.
Washington: Smithsonian, 1985. Illustrated with special photographs by Ansel Adams.
[Book #8093]
Price: $35.00
LE CONTE, Joseph.
San Francisco: The Sierra Club, (1960). Illustrated with photographs.
[Book #13139]
Price: $35.00
HANNON, Jessie Gould.
Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, (1969).
[Book #13182]
Price: $35.00
DE QUILLE, Dan. Wright, William. Edited by Oscar Lewis and Robert Glass Cleland.
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1947. Illustrated with reproductions of illustrations from the 1876 edition.
[Book #13274]
Price: $35.00
STETSON, James. Introduction by Oscar Lewis.
(Palo Alto: Lewis Osborne, 1969). Illustrated.
[Book #13489]
Price: $35.00
BREWERTON, George D. Introduction by David Lavender.
Ashland: Lewis Osborne, 1970. Illustrated.
[Book #13495]
Price: $35.00
BROWNE, J. Ross. Introduction by Oscar Lewis.
Palo Alto: Lewis Osborne, 1968. Illustrated with drawings by the author.
[Book #13497]
Price: $35.00


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