A Collection of Nine Pamphlets

RAND, Ayn.
New York: Nathaniel Branden Institute, 1959-1964.
Together fifteen items. All early printings.
Octavo, plain wrappers, contained in a blue binder. Some slight occasional rubbing, else fine.

The binder is entitled "Lectures and Essays on Objectivism" and it includes pamphlets titled The Fascist New Frontier; The Intellectual Bankruptcy of our Age; America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business; The Objectivist Ethics; Faith and Force The Destroyers of the Modern World; Notes on the History of American Free Enterprise; Textbook of Americanism; Conservatism: An Obituary and Playboy's Interview with Ayn Rand. Also included are pamphlets by Nathaniel and Barbara Branden as well as Antitrust by a man named Alan Greenspan. [Perrin, Ayn Rand. A Descriptive Bibliography].

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