Holograph letter written to "My Dear Mr. Stoddard" on stationery from the Kansas City Star, dated February 26, [18]94, and signed Roswell M. Field

FIELD, Roswell Martin.
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FIELD, Roswell Martin.
with three items.
Letter reads: "In my library is a book which I have bought, partly thro' personal admiration and _____ for the writer, and partly because no library is complete without it. I am going to send it to you and ask you to write your name in it, that it may have an even higher personal value to me. I am living so far away from the center of intellectual activity that my only means of communion with my literary friends is through their books. "My wife's health has improved so much since our return that I feel that the step has saved her life. The Eastern climate was entirely too rigorous for her, though she was loath to admit it. "My brother-in-law, Frank Dexter, speaks of you often, and sends his regards. "Very sincerely, Roswell M. Field." With Item #2: Typewritten letter from Field on memo paper bearing "the Kansas City Star" imprint and dated "Kansas City, July 24, 1894:" "My Dear Brother: Etta's plans have been a little changed by my own. I expect to take my vacation in September; at which time I am going East. I shall be away about a month; she may stay a while longer. Our summer has been unusually pleasant, and as we are both well I see no reason why she should not stick it out with me. I have done considerable work translating, and have about forty songs completed. I am waiting now on books ordered from Rome and Madrid. Our 'Children's plays' are finished, and when I go East I am going to see about having them published. The book dealers here universally complain about Stone and Kimball. They say it is impossible to handle their books with any profit. I bought several of the 'Holy Cross' edition, and was obliged to pay the full rate on account of alleged small profit to the dealer. You see I am picking up the typewriter. I am not expert by any means, but I find it a great relief for letters and manuscript for printers. All my outside work I do this way. L:ove to all, We shall stop over a day going or coming, I can't say which. "Affectionately your brother, "To Eugene Field Esq Chicago." Item #3: Signature card which reads, "Rosswell Martin Field, Kansas City, 1894." Item #4: (Two copies) Pamphlet entitled "Roswell Field" by Edwin B. Hill, Tempe: Edwin B. Hill, 1947. Edition limited to 40 copies. Contains five-paragraph describing Field's literary legacy, and a bibliography. One copy excellent; second has two slight creases and light pencil marks on bibliography, else fine.
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