Animaux Nouveaux or Rares Recueillis Pendant l'Expiditon dans Les Parties Centrales de l'Amerique du Sud, de Rio de Janeiro a Lima, et de Lima au

CASTELNAU, Francis de. and MURS, des M. O.
Paris: P. Bertrand, 1855. Illustrated with 20 lithographed plates in colour.
This is the 1931 Leipzig reprint of the original edition.
Large quarto, original brown wrappers, in mylar jacket, in custom red cloth folding box (fine). Wrappers and some edges a little nicked and rubbed, plates fine and complete with tissue guards.

This is part seven of Castelnau's complete fourteen volume work, considered ""one of the most valuable contributions of its kind in all zoological literature"" (Wood 281). This volume on the ornithology of South America is part of his section on zoology.

Francois Louis Nompar de Caumont LaPorte, comte (earl) de Castelnau (1810 - 1880) was a French naturalist, born in London. He studied natural history in Paris and led a scientific expedition to Canada between 1837 - 1841. There he studied the fauna of the Canadian lakes and the political systems of Upper and Lower Canada (roughly corresponding to the modern provinces of Ontario and Quebec) and of the United States. [King] Louis Philippe sent Castelnau in 1843 together with two botanists and a taxidermist to South America. There they crossed the continent following the watershed between the Amazon and La Plata river systems from Rio de Janeior to Lima and From Lima to Para. The expedition lasted five years, and Castelnau sered as the French consul in Bahia in 1848. He later led expeditions to the far east and Australia.

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