Four advertising cards with African American characters

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New York, Boston, St. Louis, Memphis: various publishers, 1880 -1890. All illustrated.
Approximately 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches, chromolithographed in full colours. Margin of one card trimmed not affecting image, else fine.
"Sanford's Ginger" is advertised by a little African American girl holding a scooped out watermelon with a baby in, and also holding a bottle of Sanford's Ginger, sitting on a watermelon. Sanford's Ginger "The Delicious Summer Medicine" was advertised by Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. The card was produced by Forbes & Co. Lithographer, c. 1885. "We are singing the praiser of Pasteurine Gum" shows a preacher in the pulpit in front of his African American congregation, all singing happily. The Gum is advertised by Jno. T. Milliken & Co. of St. Louis. The card was produced by Stephens Litho & Eng. Co. of St. Louis, c. 1881. An African American boy is sitting on a tin St. Louis Beef while holding another can and saying"No Sah! I dont jine no Exodus so long as dis Beef lasts." The beef was for sale at H. Bischoff & Co., No. 199 East Bay, Charleston, S.C. and produced by Wemple & Company New York, c. 1890. "Uncle Toms Cabin" production by Anthony & Ellis is advertised by a card showing four African Americans dancing on a shore with a lake and hills in the background. The verso states "Anthony & Ellis' Famous Ideal Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. and Memphis University Students .. the present superb revival .. grand scenic effects! Floating Ice Scene! .. Take the children! .." The card is produce dby the Courier Litho Co. of Buffalo N.Y.
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