Sporting Books

Thomas, Sir William Beach.
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1936. Illustrated from old prints and pictures, and from modern photographs.
[Book #28149]
Price: $15.00
Trafford, Sir Humphrey F. de . et al
London: Walter Southwood & Company, 1906. Illustrated with photographs, in text drawings and prints, and full page plates of engravings.
[Book #28234]
Price: $75.00
Truett, Joe C. Foreword by Wayne Franklin.
Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, (1996). Illustrated with photographs.
[Book #56340]
Price: $10.00
Waddinton, Richard.
London: Faber and Faber Limited, (1951). Illustrated by Edward Price and Margaret Mackenzie.
[Book #28059]
Price: $25.00
[Book #28139]
Price: $25.00
WALTON, Izaak. Notes and preface by Richard Herne Shepherd.
London: Pickering and Co, 1878.
[Book #15535]
Price: $50.00
[Book #1681]
Price: $40.00
[Book #45131]
Price: $50.00
Chicago and New York: Rand McNally, 1890. Illustrated.
[Book #373]
Price: $100.00
[California bibliography]
San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1924.
[Book #29131]
Price: $65.00
[Book #1034]
Price: $90.00
[Book #28180]
Price: $135.00
[Sonoma county]
San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1933. Illustrated, including large folding map frontispiece.
[Book #13964]
Price: $90.00
[Sporting books]Compiled and edited by "The Sportsman".
London: British Sports and Sportsmen, 1912 - 1914. Profusely illustrated with photogravures and black and white photographs.
[Book #5263]
Price: $1,000.00
[SURTEES, Robert Smith].
London: Bradbury, Agnew & Co, 1899. With illustrations by John Leech, 13 full page plates have been hand coloured and there are also many woodcuts.
[Book #23461]
Price: $250.00


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