Sporting Books

Thomas, Sir William Beach.
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1936. Illustrated from old prints and pictures, and from modern photographs.
[Book #28149]
Price: $15.00
Devens, Carol.
Berkeley: University of California Press, (1992). Illustrated with maps.
[Book #56431]
Price: $15.00
Holmes, Kenneth L.
Portland, Oregon: Binfords & Mort, (1967). Illustrated.
[Book #31727]
Price: $15.00
Langford, J. O. Gipson, Fred.
Austin: University of Texas Press, (1977). Illustrated with photographs by Henry B. Du Pont and Joe W. Langford, and drawings by Hal Story.
[Book #56292]
Price: $12.50
New York: Macmillan, 1946. Illustrated with many photos, indexed.
[Book #314]
Price: $10.00
Krech III, Shepard, Editor.
Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia ress, 1983.
[Book #29572]
Price: $10.00
Dalrymple, Byron W.
New York: Winchester Press, (1974). Profusely illustrated.
[Book #29665]
Price: $10.00
Taylor, Colin F.
Guilford, Connecticut: Lyons Press, (2003). Profusely illustrated.
[Book #55929]
Price: $10.00
Horne, J. Arthur.
New York: Vantage Press, (1998).
[Book #56208]
Price: $10.00
Hampton, Bruce.
New York: Henry Holt and Company, (1997). Illustrated with photographs, maps, and illustrated title page.
[Book #56228]
Price: $10.00
Britten, Loretta, Editor. Mathless, Paul, Editor. By the editors of Time-Life Books.
Alexandria: Time-Life Books, (2000). Profusely illustrated with photographs, color photographs, facsimiles, drawing and music scores.
[Book #56311]
Price: $10.00
Truett, Joe C. Foreword by Wayne Franklin.
Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, (1996). Illustrated with photographs.
[Book #56340]
Price: $10.00
McNamee, Thomas.
New York: Henry Holt and Company, (1997). Illustrated title page.
[Book #56506]
Price: $10.00
Gard, Wayne.
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1960. Illustrated with drawings by Nick Eggenhofer (including title page), and photographs.
[Book #56760]
Price: $10.00
Sullivan, Robert.
New York: Scribner's, (2000).
[Book #56790]
Price: $10.00


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