Santa Barbara

robinson, Alfred. geiger, Maynard, Translator. Translated and Annotated by Maynard Geiger, O. F.M.
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[Book #55407]
Price: $20.00
Hawley, Walter A.
Santa Barbara, California: (The Schauer Printing Studio), 1920. Illustrated, frontispiece drawing of Santa Barbara Mission in 1880 from a drawing by Henry Chapman Ford.
[Book #33436]
Price: $20.00
Broughton, Jacueline P.
Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, 1977. Illustrated in black and white, coloured frontispiece.
[Book #33458]
Price: $17.50
[Santa Barbara: First Methodist-Episcopal Church, 1925]. Illustrated with photographs.
[Book #30117]
Price: $15.00
Raitt, Helen, Editor. Wayne, Mary Collier, Editor.
San Diego: Tofua Press, 1974. Illustrated with frontispiece illustration, photographs, drawings, charts, facsimiles, and maps.
[Book #56283]
Price: $15.00
[Santa Barbara]
Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Historical Society, 2005. Illustrated in colour and black and white.
[Book #24734]
Price: $10.00
[Capra Press]
Santa Barbara: Capra Press, (1979).
[Book #29972]
Price: $10.00
[Santa Barbara]
Santa Barbara: University of California, Santa Barbara, 1979. Illustrated.
[Book #30110]
Price: $10.00
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[Book #55183]
Price: $10.00
[Santa Barbara]Alef, Daniel.
(2007). Illustrated.
[Book #55726]
Price: $10.00
Larkin, Thomas Oliver. Edited by John A. Hawgood.
Palo Alto: Pacific Books, 1970. Illustrated with drawing, portrait, a table, and facsimiles.
[Book #56762]
Price: $10.00
[Santa Barbara Symphony]
Santa Barbara: , 2003.
[Book #32163]
Price: $10.00
Gregg, Kenneth, Photographer. Astrella, Thomas F., text.
Santa Barbara: The Heyday Press, (1972). Profusely illustrated in colour.
[Book #30114]
Price: $5.00


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