Santa Barbara

[Santa Barbara]O'Neill, Owen H., Editor. Marion Parks, Historian.
Santa Barbara: Harold McLean Meier, Publisher, 1939. Profusely illustrated.
[Book #34100]
Price: $500.00
Salley, H.E.
La Mesa: Postal History Associates, 1977. Illustrated.
[Book #45340]
Price: $300.00
[Capra Press]
Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1973 - 1978. Illustrated.
[Book #31751]
Price: $300.00
Borein, Edward. This special three part issue is devoted to the life and works of one of the finest artists of the American West, Edward Borein.
Santa Barbara, California: The Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1998. Profusely illustrated. With an etching plates ""Bad Hoss"" from the collection of John T. Reynolds, pulled in 1998 from Borein's original copper plate by Elaine LeVasseur.
[Book #33656]
Price: $300.00
borein, Edward.
El Paseo, Santa Barbara: [Edward Borein], n.d. Illustrated with reproductions of etchings.
[Book #22536]
Price: $200.00
Myrick, David F.
Glendale: Trans-Anglo Books, (1988). Profusely illustrated.
[Book #27105]
Price: $150.00
[Thompson & WEST] Introduction by Walker A. Tompkins.
Berkeley: Howell-North, 1961. Illustrated with many full page plates.
[Book #30050]
Price: $150.00
Tompkins, Walker A.
Santa Barbara: Board of Realtors, 1977 - 1980. Profusely illustrated.
[Book #29966]
Price: $100.00
Bissell, Ervanna Bowen.
N.p: (Ervanna Bowen Bissell, 1926). Illustrated with photographs and drawings and sketches.
[Book #30036]
Price: $100.00
San Francisco: Book Club of California, 1947. Illustrated with thirteen tinted plates by Henry Miller.
[Book #30623]
Price: $90.00
Edited by Charles F. Lummis.
Los Angeles, California: Land of Sunshine Publishing. October, 1901. Illustrated.
[Book #31911]
Price: $75.00
Lambert, May. Foreword by Walker A. Tompkins.
Carpinteria: Carpinteria Valley Historical Society, (1975). Illustrated.
[Book #30108]
Price: $70.00
[Santa Barbara]
Santa Barbara: The Easton Gallery, (1996). Profusely illustrated in colour.
[Book #32221]
Price: $60.00
San Francisco: John Howell-Books, 1971. Illustrated with reproductions of Borein's etchings.
[Book #34340]
Price: $60.00
San Francisco: The San Francisco News Company, n.d. Illustrated with 28 views, accordion style.
[Book #31037]
Price: $50.00


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