Ron Randall

Ronald R. RandallRandall House has a long tradition in the rare and collectible book world. Ronald R. Randall grew up in a home where his father, David A. Randall, already was head of the rare book department for Scribner's. His mother was an accomplished artist and book illustrator. Larchmont, New York, where he was surrounded by literary figures, books and fine art, is the place he called home as a child. When a young man Ron joined the Navy for the Korean War and when discharged spent 4 years at the University of Vermont. "The winters were long ..."  

Ron then worked in the merchant shipping business, travelled cross country, and sold real estate in California. He finally gave in to his calling, and settled into his bookselling career. Ron spent seven years at John Howell-Books in San Francisco where he further deepened and enhanced his knowledge of books. He even sold books to his father who by this time was Director of the Lilly Rare Book Library at Indiana University.

In 1975 Ron and his partner opened their own shop in San Francisco and almost immediately realized that this was a good move for them. The business continued to grow and their reputation grew along with it. In 1985 Ron wanted a slower pace and decided to move to Santa Barbara, so Randall and Windle became Randall House. Here he settled in the former Alcalde of Santa Barbara's home from the 19th century, specifically 1825, a National Landmark adobe building,  and enjoys a business which continues to flourish, now in the 21st century.

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