eLibrary software

eLibrary softwareSoftware to keep order in your book collection. Developed especially for the book collector. Easy to use, provides for several different reports. The database for your fine book collection!
• Organize your collection of fine books the easy way.

• The User Friendly software for keeping records of books and documents. Easy to use and informative reports.

• Know what you have, know what your collection is worth, know what it cost you!

The eLibrary is a database for rare and collectible books, manuscripts, documents and ephemera. It is extremely easy to use, completely user friend in its data entry and reporting.

The reports are generated automatically and are ready to print, once you have selected which books you want to include in the report. You can also print out single records for individual books, as well as groups of books you have selected. The reports can show acquisition cost and also current fair market value, or no values at all. You are in control and you decide whether you want to show complete descriptions or minimum information.

eLibrary has very powerful search capabilities, all fields are fully searchable which means that if you do not remember anything about the book except its red covers - you can find it! You can browse all books, a group of books, or individual books.

There is no limit to the number of books which can be entered into eLibrary. Developed by a rare book professional for the book collector.

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