Natural History

Lanier, Henry Wysham.
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[Book #27290]
Price: $90.00
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Los Angeles: Dawson’s Book Shop, 1972. Illustrated.
[Book #33584]
Price: $85.00
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[Book #27993]
Price: $75.00
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[Book #1663]
Price: $60.00
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[Book #1704]
Price: $50.00
Barker, K. F.
Los Angeles: Country Life Ltd, (1937). Illustrated.
[Book #28115]
Price: $45.00
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San Francisco: Pacific Rural Press, 1910. Illustrated.
[Book #32952]
Price: $40.00
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Kobenhavn: Gyldendalske Boghandel, 1947. Illustrated by Johannes Larsen.
[Book #1707]
Price: $37.50
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[Book #1700]
Price: $25.00
Barton, Frank Townend.
London: Virtue and Co. Limited, n.d. Illustrated.
[Book #28102]
Price: $25.00
Hance, Captain J. E. With a foreword by Countess Fortescue.
London: Country Life Ltd, (1935). Illustrated by Robert Bartlett .
[Book #28131]
Price: $20.00
[Book #32968]
Price: $20.00
KEMSIES, Emerson. randle, Worth.
(Ann Arbor, Michigan: Edwards Brothers, 1953). Profusely illustrated.
[Book #1702]
Price: $17.50
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[Book #1703]
Price: $15.00
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New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1936. Illustrated.
[Book #27994]
Price: $15.00


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