California and related material

[Wild West]COSSLEY-BATT, Jill L.
New York: Funk and Wagnall’s, 1928. Illustrated .
[Book #9526]
Price: $40.00
[San Francisco]
San Francisco: Calkins Publishing House, 1909. Profusely illustrated with photographs.
[Book #9597]
Price: $40.00
HARTE, Francis Bret.
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1897.
[Book #9656]
Price: $40.00
DUMKE, Glenn S.
San Marino, California: Huntington Library, 1966. Illustrated with a few black and white photographs.
[Book #14059]
Price: $40.00
Edited by Ruth Teiser.
San Francisco: The Society of California Pioneers, 1950. Illustrated with tinted woodcuts.
[Book #14227]
Price: $40.00
Kurutz, Gary F.
San Francisco: Book Club of California, 2012. Illustrated.
[Book #31369]
Price: $40.00
[Book #33157]
Price: $40.00
[Book #34914]
Price: $40.00
(Los Angeles): Ward Ritchie Press, 1963.
[Book #29385]
Price: $37.50
stoll, Steven.
Berkeley: University of California Press, (1998). Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
[Book #55349]
Price: $37.50
BROWNE, J. Ross. Browne, Lina Fergusson, Editor.
(Albuquerque): Universityof New Mexico Press, (1969). Illustrated.
[Book #2310]
Price: $35.00
POWELL, Lawrence Clark.
(Van Nuys): Privately printed, (1980).
[Book #7725]
Price: $35.00
BROWNE, J. Ross. Browne, Lina Fergusson, Editor.
(Albuquerque): University of New Mexico Press, (1969). Illustrated.
[Book #7951]
Price: $35.00
EVANS, Peter A.
(San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1971).
[Book #7967]
Price: $35.00
GLEASON, Duncan.
New York: Devin-Adair Company, 1958. With illustrations from paintings and drawings by the author.
[Book #8225]
Price: $35.00


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