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BENDER, J. Terry, Compiler. Prefaces by Julien Cain and E. Brin.
San Francisco: Stanford University Libraries, 1956.
[Book #16504]
Price: $35.00
BENNETT, Robert. Foreword by Lawrence Clark Powell.
Los Angeles: The Albertson Press in Association with Bunster Creely, 1939. Illustrated by Artemis.
[Book #10693]
Price: $25.00
Bennett, Whitman.
New York: Bennett Book Studios, (1941).
[Book #40840]
Price: $35.00
BIANCHI, Daniel B.
Berkeley: George L. Harding & Roger Levenson, 1976. Illustrated with the devices and marks of the Merrymount Press .
[Book #16050]
Price: $60.00
Bitting, Katherine Golden.
San Francisco: (A.W. Biting, 1939). Illustrated.
[Book #45142]
Price: $300.00
Bohn, Henry G. (Lowndes, William Thomas).
London: George Bell and Sons, 1869-1880.
[Book #40748]
Price: $300.00
Bookseller Catalogues Lopez, Ken.
Hadley, Massachusetts: Ken Lopez, 1990-1995. Illustrated.
[Book #40823]
Price: $60.00
Bookseller catalogues Rota, Bertram. Introduction by Keith Simpson.
London: Bertram Rota , 1988. Illustrated.
[Book #40822]
Price: $35.00
[Book #15305]
Price: $100.00
boutell, Henry S. Revised by Roger Boutell.
Berkeley: University of California, 1949.
[Book #29925]
Price: $10.00
Bowden, Edwin T.
(Columbus): Ohio State University Press, (1968). Illustrated.
[Book #45584]
Price: $20.00
BOWER, Donale E.
N.p: Northland Press, (1976). Illustrated.
[Book #8103]
Price: $35.00
[Book #13687]
Price: $20.00
[Book #14716]
Price: $45.00
Carter, John. Barker, Nicholas.
New Castle: Oak Knoll Press and the British Library, 2004. Illustrated.
[Book #24405]
Price: $30.00


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