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Charlotte Bronte

Randall House Rare Books is pleased and proud to have successfully completed negotiations for the sale of two unpublished Charlotte Bronte manuscripts to the Bronte Society in England.  The discovery of the manuscripts is called “extraordinary” by Bronte expert Dr. Juliet Barker who went on to say "It's so unusual to get unpublished manuscripts in this day and age. To find an unpublished one like this - that we had no knowledge of its existence - is extraordinary." Dr. Barker wrote the seminal history of the Bronte Family.

Information Storage Device

Speaking to the American Booksellers Association in 1989, science fiction demi-god Isaac Asimov asked his audience to imagine a sci-fi information storage device that, “Can go anywhere, and is totally portable. Something that can be started and stopped at will along its data stream, allowing the user to access the information in an effective, easy manner.” After what I imagine was a dramatic pause, Asimov answered his own sci-fi riddle: “We have this device. It’s called a book.”  ... read more


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